Penis Acne

Cases of Penis Acne


The cases of penis acne are considered to be as normal as face acne, though not as common and trite. This is the biggest reason why people tend to worry about pimples on penis when they sprout up. Most men consider a case of pimples on penis to be some sort of a sexually transmitted disease. The first thing that you need to know about a pimple on penis is that it is not always brought about by a sexually transmitted disease. In fact, the normal pimples that we are referring here comprise of simple penis acne that is completely harmless. It is a medical condition that is not contagious or dangerous at all.

White Pimple on Penis

In case you notice the development of a white pimple on penis, you should relax completely and look for simple methods that would take care of this type of acne. The white pimple on penis is nothing to worry about and it is considered to be a simple case of penis acne. You would find that this condition manifests itself in the form of white pimples that are present in clusters or rows. You would notice such pimples on the lower half of the penis, usually at the base or the end of the penile shaft. It is rare that such white pimples on penis come up near the head of the penis. A pimple on penis is generally small in size and is usually quite hard and coarse. The important point that should be noted in this case relates to the impact of such pimples on your life. Pimples on penis shaft would not cause any trouble in your life and you would be able to enjoy all the aspects of life fully. The condition is medically known as sebaceous prominence, and is considered to be harmless by doctors.

Resolving Penis Acne

In regular conditions, you need not do anything about resolving penis acne. A pimple on penis vanishes automatically and you do not require any sort of effort or medical attention for it. However, some males might be conscious about a pimple on penis and might require a proper treatment method for the condition. In such cases, you should consult your doctor and look for the best methods of treating penis acne.