Pimple on Penis

Alarming Pimple on Penis


The alarming pimple on penis is enough to make anyone anxious and give the impression of a sexually transmitted disease. In case you are having pimples on penis, you would understand how alarming they can be. The first thought that would cross your mind would be about any contagious disease or virus that has attacked you through sexual activity. A pimple on penis would easily make you worried about the impact on your health and would make you run to the doctor. However, you would be happy to know that a pimple on penis is considered a normal condition by doctors and there are many males around the world who have pimples on penis and no other related health problems.

Pictures of Pimples on Penis

In case you wish to compare your condition with common cases of pimples on penis, you would find that pictures of pimples on penis would help you in making an accurate comparison. Basically, a pimple on penis appears to be a white spot which is small and hard, and usually found in clusters. Such pimples on penis are found on the base of the shaft or the lower end of the penile shaft. The major cause of a pimple on penis comprises of the sebaceous glands that are present on the penile shaft. You would find that the over activity of these sebaceous glands leads to the formation of a pimple on penis, something that is considered to be quite normal. A pimple on penis can be simply considered as a case of penis acne, with simple methods for taking care of the condition. Usually, you would not even require a treatment for pimples on penis as these would vanish away automatically.

How to Get Rid of Pimples on Penis

In case you have observed the development of a pimple on penis, you might be thinking about how to get rid of pimples on penis. The methods available are quite simple and you would find that some remedies do not even require a doctor’s prescription. However, it is always better to get some medical advice on any case of pimples on penis as your dermatologist knows best in this regard. The only thing that you need to remember is that a pimple on penis is not something to worry about as most people know it is a common condition.